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Long-term reader and occasional contributor, Graeme Pringle dropped us a  line with Rangersbadgesome interesting titbits on Mike Ashley’s goings-on at Rangers. We thought we’d share them with you:

I appreciate Rangers problems aren't ours, but there's a common 

Their retail deal with Sports Direct is one issue:


Rangers fans are planning a demonstration before tonights game, which is 
being broadcast live on BBC. It'll be interested to see how much vitriol 
is directed at the board. I personally believe that with co-ordinated 
action from both Rangers and Newcastle fans, we could get this bloke out 
of both clubs.


He's acquiring security over some significant and valuable assets 
(stadium and training ground) for a loan which the club are unlikely to 
be able to service. As a result, they default and he ends up with the 
assets for two relatively modest loans of £3m to date and £10m proposed. 
He's already got the merchandise and stadium naming rights. Either the 
club goes under, or it sings to his tune.

Money makes money, but the sheer greed is indicative of all that's wrong 
in football (and the world) today.

Graeme Pringle. 

Many thanks to Graeme for dropping this well-constructed piece of information and his take on matters. We are happy to publish material like this and get it to a bigger audience. Just drop us information here – editor@https://true-faith.co.uk


The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is holding its Annual General Meeting at the Nustbadge1Mining Institute on Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne this coming Wednesday at 21/January/2015 at 7 pm. The Mining Institute is opposite the Union Rooms. It’s a wonderful piece of North East social history.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust is the ONLY members-based fan organisation we have that anyone is entitled to join. It is open, democratic, it has a proper constitution, correct elections and it is affiliated to the national network under the governance of Supporters Direct. It provides audited accounts, minutes of meetings and all of its activities are published via the Trust website. It is absolutely open and transparent. Anyone can stand for election to the board.

All of the Trust board members are volunteers. No-one receives any remuneration or is paid any expenses despite many incurring personal costs on Trust business. Trust members give up their time completely freely and expect no reward. Which is just as well, as they won’t get any.

It is one of the most active and prominent Trusts in the country and it has established links with local government (a City Councillor sits on the NUST board) and it has excellent relationships with the Northern Group of Labour MPs. It enjoys an excellent and constructive relationship with the Football Supporters Federation and has worked collaboratively with the FSF on several local and national initiatives and campaigns.

I’m a board member myself and whilst I am proud of the NUST’s achievements, I recognise there is much to be done and like many of you reading this I am as impatient for change at our club and across football generally as you are.

The NUST will grow stronger with greater membership and greater positive participation.

You should join the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and you should come along to the AGM this coming Wednesday.



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Once again, our match-day newsletter, THE SPECIAL has increased its circulation this week and is now being enjoyed on match-days by more supporters than ever before. We have some of our longest-standing writers contributing to THE SPECIAL in the shape of our Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison, Alex Hurst, Mark Brophy, Guy Hannay-Wilson, Wallace Wilson and yours truly.

THE SPECIAL has been designed with the match-going Mag in mind and is particularly Specialad1
great on smart-phones etc. The vision we have for THE SPECIAL is for it to be something of an alternative to the banality of the match-day programme, though who are we to judge those who want to know if Big Mike is knocking 20% off a Whey-Aye-Man Suit. We’d like to think THE SPECIAL is something you are able to read on the way to the match, on the bus, Metro, train or when you are waiting in the pub or whereever for your hopeless mates.

For all of that, THE SPECIAL works brilliantly on loads of other devices – tablets and i-pads, kindles, PCs and lap-tops. You don’t have to be going to the game to sign up for it and read it. Whether you are nipping down to the pub to watch the game on a dodgy foreign channel, searching for a stream from the internet or listening to the game on the radio or whatever, THE SPECIAL is ideal to get you in the mood before the match. Its not a bad read afterwards.

Every issue of THE SPECIAL contains short, snappy articles that we know are ideal for quick-match-day reads. Every issue has new, original material every match-day and is geared around that day’s game as well as football generally in that week. It is current and it is up to date.

Unlike the programme or in the days when we were selling the hard-copy fanzine on the street or through a newsagent network, you don’t have to come and find us. We will find you. All you need to do is sign-up once – here – and that’s it, you’ll be getting copies of THE SPECIAL until such time as we keel over and snuff it or you decide you don’t want it any more.

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