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Although I’m not old enough to have ever seen Jon McNamee play for United, I’ve heard plenty about him from older fansjohn-mcnamee to understand that our former Glaswegian centre-half was something of a much-loved character and player on the terraces of St James’ Park back in the 1960s. His antics of swinging on the cross-bar at the Fulwell End having scored in a 3-3 draw with the Mackems in the 60s is the stuff of legend as well. There is another story I love about Big John, then a Celtic reserve player chasing Alex Ferguson (then a Rangers reserve player) around a Glasgow tailors after a contremps during a second string fixture at Ibrox and the former Man Utd manager shitting it as McNamee was known as something of a bruiser.

John now lives over in Cumbria and sadly has for the second time had his home flooded out in the recent deluge that has attracted national media attention. John played at a time when players weren’t earning fortunes and our former hero does not have anything like the millionaire lifestyle.

A fund has been established to support John and the goal is to raise £5000 to assist in getting our man comfortable in his home again.

If you would like to support the fund, just click here.


The Chronicle is running a poll to discover which is the North East Pub of the Year. Here at true faith we are fond of strawberryimbibing in several NE1 hostelries but sheer Newcastle United supporter culture there isn’t one better than, The Strawberry. As you all know, The Strawberry is a Mag institution which as any right-thinking person knows is only a Fumaca free-kick away from its doors (okay he was passing to the Labour Club but you get my drift).

The Strawberry is a veritable feast of memorabilia and possesses a real authenticity as a supporters-owned and run drinking den. Its obviously very popular on match-day but for me its a great, unpretentious boozer to pop into and have a quiet pint and even a bite to eat during the week as well.

So, it would be canny good if the best known Newcastle United supporters boozer in the city became voted the best  pub in the North East.

For more gen and how to vote click here.



As you’ll soon see we’ll have issue 123 of true faith available to download at your pleasure right here from this here tf123_ipadwebsite. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times (cough) true faith is now completely FREE and the latest issue is over 100 pages and will keep you occupied over the long Christmas and New Year holidays and help pass these dark, cold winter nights. Have we mentioned its FREE. Its FREE you know.

As thousands of our fellow supporters dive into its contents though, a could sweat rolls down the backs of the editorial team as the realisation dawns we have to have another one out for the 25/Jan/16. On the flip-side its Newcastle United, so its not like we are ever short of topics to cover.

The qualifying criteria to write for true faith is hardly taxing. All we ask is that you are a Newcastle United supporter. We have writers who are home and away zealots, season ticket holders, people who go when they can, people who have decided they can’t ever go back while Ashley is in charge and there are those who live in other parts of the UK and indeed on the other side of the world. We have some people who are pretty experienced and accomplished wordsmiths and we have others who have only just started penning stuff for true faith. No-one needs to be a published author or have any fancy qualifications. All we ask is that you have a genuine desire to inform and entertain your fellow-supporters.

Our writers come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to agree with the editorial stands we have on things and in fact we’d welcome you if you completely disagree with us and tell us where we are going wrong and where we should be going. More power to you.

You don’t have to be writing about Newcastle United. As regular readers know we love to relate the experiences of ex-pats dipping into the football of their adopted homes but if your travels take you to some weird and wonderful place where you manage to get to a football match then that does for us as well.

You might be happier writing about the general football matters of the day and we’d be delighted to publish more general football material as well.

Hell, you know we are even known to leave the football alone altogether and feature reviews of gigs, books, films and all that. We even go mad occasionally and write about clothes. I could even be talked into some cookery pages. That was a joke. I think.

How do you get started?

Well, just volunteer for duty by dropping me a line on editor@https://true-faith.co.uk and we’ll get cracking.

That is all.