We understand there will be demonstrations outside Sports Direct stores in Glasgow and AshleyOut1Edinburgh tomorrow as well as something happening involving Sports Direct in the East Midlands area as well.

If you happen to be in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Leicester tomorrow and want to join the demonstrations then go along to where-ever your nearest shop is etc and you might click for some demonstrations at how Ashley is destroying Newcastle United in England and has Rangers over a barrel in Scotland.

What is it with this bloke?


We would like to bring your attention to the Football Supporters Federation and FSFlogo1 copy
Supporters Direct’s joint questioning of the major political parties about their plans for football given the rather important General Election up and coming next week.

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Given the colossal amounts of money coming into the country’s national sport as well as vote-footballthe associated cultural importance of football to the lives of millions of people it has never been more important for our politicians to know their responsibilities to intervene in a game which is simply being run for the convenience of people like Mike Ashley.

We would encourage all of our readers to click on the attached.

It will take you a matter of seconds for a standard letter to be sent in your name to all of the candidates in your constituency for the forthcoming General Election.

All candidates need to know their responsibilities to us as supporters of the national game.

When you have taken part, please send the link to all of your mates and it doesn’t matter what club they support as the issues are the same.

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