This is a massive day for us as Newcastle United supporters. This is the start of a campaignASHLEYOUTCOM which might be long but which is completely justified if we are serious about removing Mike Ashley from our football club.

I know #BoycottAshley is a big demand to make of life-long supporters of our club. I understand what it means because I am one and so is just about every friend I have. It is not something that has been called for lightly. But it is absolutely necessary.

As I understand it, more action will be outlined this coming week but today our support needs to show its hand and display its strength by supporting the first action in the campaign to remove Ashley and start working for the Newcastle United your support deserves.

Today, the people need your support. There are 20,000 leaflets that need to be distributed around the city. That will require an army of volunteers.

Please turn up at Bar Loco on Leazes Park Road at 1pm to take your stash of leaflets and get them around the city, your fellow-supporters.

All hands to the pump.


I don’t actively dislike John Carver though I have been infuriated with him this last Carversafcfortnight, particularly in the aftermath of his team’s cowardice in the face of the enemy at the Stadium of Shite on Easter Sunday. I’ve guffawed at his pathetic plea for support given the disgraces at Leicester in the Cup and the abject surrenders at Man City and Everton bot to mention Sunderland of course. I’ve sneered at the claims he has made that there will be investment made in the squad this summer because he has had assurances from Lee Charnley (is there a more flimsy a reason to believe someone than that last sentence?) and I’ve snorted at his “fan” claims throughout the week.

However, I was genuinely astonished to read reports this morning which add up to little more than “poor me” from John Carver and the phone calls he has received from various people expressing sympathy for his predicament.

Absolutely staggering is the news that Mike Ashley hasn’t been one of them.

Get the message, John eh?


I’ve no doubt Ashley’s PR strategist, Keith Bishop is paid a lot of money by his boss. You KeithBishopwould think therefore then he would come up with better than a daft rumour earlier in the week that United is in the market for QPR’s Charlie Austin (today’s papers have him off to Southampton) and that next season by order of Ashley, Charnley’s statement the Cups are a low priority will be reversed (a policy which had its existence denied by Carver incidentally). Then of course there is the sad spectacle of junior members of the squad being trotted out to say how much they need the support. Support is something that has never been in scarce supply at United.  And of course poorly researched ghost-written pieces from former shadow player Peter Lovenkrands and clap-trap from Bob Moncur not to mention daily begging e-mails punting tickets for today’s game.

Not bothered by #BoycottSpurs?

Don’t make me laugh.


This news is likely to be of interest to those from the Low Fell, Gateshead area who have Pint1tickets (match or season ticket) for today’s game but who will be #BoycottSpurs

Thanks to Mein Host, Paul Smith, a life-long supporter similarly at the end of his tether with Ashley, if you turn up at The Three Tuns on Sherrif Hill, the Belle Vue on Low Fell High Street or the Stone Trough (the artist formerly known as The Jolly Miller) and show a valid ticket for the match today during the game, you will get a FREE pint.


Andy Dunn of The Mirror has not always been a fair critic of Newcastle United and its Andy-Dunnsupport but in his piece today he has it just about bang on.

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