The brand new issue of true faith (TF107) has been lovingly prepared and is now almost tf107_cover_outlineready to be unleashed upon you, the beautiful Black & White cognoscenti and we hope and pray you like it. We are now turning to the plan for the following issue (TF108) but before we do that we are as ever keen to bring in new writers who can inform and entertain their fellow supporters.

There isn’t a typical fanzine writer. Our scribblers come in all shapes and sizes but all are passionate Mags who love the club and want what’s best for it. That’s good enough for us. You don’t have to hold any hi-falutin qualifications or have ever been a published writer. Everyone supports United in their own way in accordance to what is in our pockets and the time we have available after grafting, studying and looking after family etc. We have writers who are home and away zealots, season ticket diehards and those who get to SJP when time and money allows. That’s fine by us. You don’t have to prove yourself to us.

If you would like to write for true faith, simply drop us a line at editor@ and we’ll see what we can do. You might have a great idea for a piece for true faith or you might need to be given an idea to run with. Just drop us a line and we’ll have a natter about it.