As you will have seen the new issue of true faith (TF 110) is very close to making its way to Laptop2readers but as you get ready to open its pages and hopefully enjoy its contents, back in the tf bunker we’re thinking about the next issue already.

We are always after new writing talent, supporters with a flair for writing, who can inform and entertain their fellow supporters. Could that be you?

To qualify to write for true faith, you just have to be a Newcastle United supporter, That’s it really. You don’t have to be a super-fan, published writer with loads of qualifications or any of that old guff. Loving Newcastle United is the only qualifying criteria. Oh, and understanding the importance of word-limits and deadlines.

If you have an idea about something you’d like to cover for the next issue of true faith, just let us know and we’ll discuss it. If you are short on inspiration but think you could take an assignment from us to cover something we think needs to be looked at in the next issue, we can do that too.

Although we aren’t really arsed what shape and size you come in we are particularly interested in contributions from women, disabled supporters and Mags from Black and Minority communities as we feel they are under-represented in the true faith writing circle and would like to address that. Please don’t think this means we don’t want good ol’ white, born and bred Geordie lads though (hello there). We very much do. Its just we want to add to that as well.

For more information and to get cracking, just drop us a line on editor@