Over the last few months we have been knocking out some items that have gone down veryBadgeCollection
well with our wonderful readers and the wider United support.

We are attempting to bring items to you which strike a chord in terms of the history and culture of our football club, the world around  it and the people that support it.

We’ve done several badges and we’ve done some bucket hats, all of which have sold really well.

The profit that is generated for true faith from these items will be reinvested into what we SONY DSCdo so over the longer term we hope to be bringing you improvements to what we’re doing here and elsewhere so ultimately, we have something of a virtuous circle.

Anyway, just in case you’ve missed what we’ve been doing, please click here and have a gander. Hell, go mad and even buy something for your self or  a relative or a mate or whoever.

These aren’t mass produced. They are likely to become collectable over the years and an item of interest.


Thank you for your support.

That is all.