We start with humble apologies about our tardiness at getting the next issue of true faith tf119_cover_ipadinto your in-boxes on time but we have been simply overwhelmed by what has been going on at our club, stretched in a million different directions and been unable to pull everything together as per normal.

But fear not, we’re on it now.

The next issue will be in your in-boxes on Monday 11/May/15.

We had been waiting for the club to publish its accounts and our financial experts have had the time to analyse the figures so we will have full coverage of all of thast in the next issue.

Likewise we will be reflecting upon the events of the last month with some absolutely tip-top writing.

But it won’t all be unrelenting gloom and misery and we will have loads of stuff from Mags all over the world, our brilliant history and nostalgia pieces and so on and so forth.

Thanks for your patience, it will be worth the wait.

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That is all.