As we all hope you know, we are working now on the next issue of true faith (TF139) which will mark our return to hard-copy after having the life pestered out of us for the last four years to publish the little thing in print.

Whilst we are taking subscriptions to the relaunched hard-copy fanzine (and a big thanks to those of you who have already made the commitment) we’re aware there are plenty of you quite fond of the digital format of the fanzine. For readers outside the UK we’re aware of how much of a burden the postage costs are and that’s where the digital format of the fanzine comes into its own.

For a reduced price of £15 you can get exactly the same version of the paper format of the fanzine e-mailed to you on the day it is released into the wild here on Tyneside. It reads very well on i-pads and tablets for those who prefer that format.  You’ll get the next 10 issues just the same as the print copy version.

All of the money you tip up for the digital version of the fanzine will go into the pot to pay the print-bill with anything left over used to improve what we do more generally.

So, if you want to subscribe the the digital format of true faith and get the next 10 issues zapped into your in-box, that will cost you no more than £15.

To take out a subscription, just click here.  

Thanks for all of your support.

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