It seems a long time ago since the limit of our output was a 32-page, 2-colour fanzine sold outside the match in the late 90s. We’ve come a long way since then and the opportunities of the digital era mean we can do a lot more to provide a platform for intelligent and passionate supporter expression.

We’ve wanted to develop a base for true faith for some time and for it to provide a hub for all of our activities, particularly the recording of Podcasts and Video Blogs (Vlogs) as well as a studio for interviews and all the rest of it.

And now we are on our way.

We’ve managed to get ourselves a base on Collingwood Street right smack in the middle of town and become quite giddy at the possibilities it offers us to take fanzine culture onto a completely different level. We want to be pioneers of a new fanzine movement within the digital era and for Newcastle United supporters to lead the way.

It’s still very early days for us and we’re nowhere near kitting the place out the way we want to … but we will get there over the next few months and years.

We do need help though.

true faith is a non-profit operation that relies on volunteers. No-one gets paid and no-one is going to make anything like a living from what we do.

We already have a huge pool of people who write for true faith – for the fanzine, website, The Special newsletter and we enjoy the services of an excellent designer and artist who give our material an excellent look.

We could benefit from others who might want to help us with recording and filming, so if you have those skills and fancy helping us in our mission to take true faith into our brave new world, please get in touch.

Contact Alex on