With a New Year we thought it was time for some brand new designs for our pin badges.Comingsoon

Our online merchandising operation will be back to work soon after a long and heavy break and we are looking forward to bringing some new designs to you that we think you are going to absolutely love.

Keep coming back to the true faith site because we’ll be launching them and as ever, you snooze you lose with these limited edition designs.

We are keeping it all under wraps at the moment but we are all confident you are going to love these designs.

As we have done previously, the idea is to bring you something which has some meaning about our support for Newcastle United and which we think you will value for a long time to come.

What we do will never be mass produced so there is a rarity value in the majority of items we bring to you.

Thanks for your continued support and if you have any ideas for items you think we should be doing, then just drop us a line on editor@https://true-faith.co.uk

All the best.