It’s that time again when we let everyone in the parish know we have a brand new issue of true faith ready to be read at
your leisure.

Things might be getting ever more desperate on the park but at least off it you lot have the world’s best fanzine to download and peruse when you fancy it.

It has been something of a tumultuous six or seven weeks since we brought you the last issue and we’ve got lots of stuff in here dealing with every element of the life and times of Newcastle United and a lot more beside. As ever, our mission is to inform and entertain. We’ve done that in every issue we’ve published since 1999 and I think we’ve done it again with this new issue (TF125).

Angels grow wings in heaven when we publish new writers for the first time and we’ve got some new names we are delighted to give debuts to in this issue. As ever we have some of the writers who have been with us for absolutely years and we’re delighted about that as well.

Naturally, we have loads of material dealing with McClaren’s departure and there are a number of different takes on him. As you’d expect we have some excellent material on our new manager and we really hope you enjoy that as well.

As regular readers know we love covering the history of United and not to mention indulging in some shameless nostalgia. Its all here for you rest assured.

But there is loads of other football related material that those who really do love the game will adore as well. tf125_ipad

The fanzine is a staggering 120+ pages in superb design and we are delighted to let you know that since we moved to digital format, it is now absolutely FREE.

You can read true faith on any device you care to mention.  Thousands of you are taking true faith on smart-phones, i-pads and tablets. I must confess my preference is for the latter but any medium works well enough.

The last issue (TF124) was by some massive distance the most widely read edition of true faith we have ever published and continues to prove our decision to move completely to a digital format was the correct one and that will enable us to develop and sustain the fanzine in the much longer term.

We are by several country miles Newcastle United’s biggest fanzine as well as its longest running not to mention the UK’s most widely read, independent fans’-led publication.  Thank you for your support over many years both in our days as a hard-copy fanzine but also now in our new pioneering era of digital format.

Clearly, we want as many as you as possible to read this issue (and several older issues are still available to download) but we are also keen for as many as you as possible to write and contribute to true faith. There are some really good blogs on the club out there but I wonder how many people are reading them. For aspiring writers the thrill is in being read and we can give you the platform you want.

Just drop us a line on editor@ and we’ll get you cracking away.

In the meantime, please just click on the image below and spend as much time as you want reading some of the best fanzine writing you’ll find anywhere in the country and all from the people who are your fellow Mags.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …