Welcome to this historic issue of true faith. This will be our final print and paper issue tf111_coverbefore we make the leap into the wonderful world of 100% Digital.

This is not to be missed.

It is now on sale via The Mag shop online and we’ll also have it in the usual shops etc. by the weekend. It will be posted to our subscribers as soon as we get it back from the printers on Thursday. It will be available to our Digital subscribers from Friday AM. The usual drill.

We started the print fanzine 15 years ago. TF1 went on sale before a game with Wimbledon at SJP with Gullit as manager that we somehow managed to draw 3-3. As if that wasn’t bad enough the second sale was a few days later when we lost to The Mackems with Shearer and Ferguson on the bench. Its anyone’s guess where Rob Lee was but it wasn’t on the pitch putting a mug like Kevin Ball in his place. God knows how we managed to keep as many copies intact from that biblical downpour.

Since then TF has chronicled United through all of its ups and downs. From the highs of the Champions League under Bobby to a completely unnecessary and wholly avoidable relegation to the The Championship with Ashley asleep at the wheel.

TF has been sold at home and abroad and outside Reserve fixtures in the days when United encouraged people to go and watch them.

An incredible number of people have written for TF in that time and some have become great friends and we’ve managed not to make too many enemies at the same time.

We went on sale at that Wimbledon game with yours truly dropping a bollock with the size and it coming back from the printers a bit bigger than we thought. TF started life as a 2-colour, 32-page publication that wasn’t the best designed fanzine in the world. The early copies before Glenn Ashcroft got on board aren’t great to look at. But here we are, 15 years later with a 64-page, full colour fanzine, professionally designed and acknowledged as one of the best in the country having made  a short-list of six on the Football Supporters Federation’s prestigious awards category for fanzines three years on the spin. Always original, always honest and always written from the heart.

It is the end of an era as well as the beginning of another. This is er, TF’s Bob Dylan moment as we cross from print and paper to Digital.

But before we go fully Digital, this is one last time to pop down to the paper shop and shell out 3 bin lids for your slab of TF fanzine.

As ever, we’ve got all the angles covered – Pardew, Ashley, Charnley, Colo, The Press, Cabaye, Away Trip arrangements, a magnificent nostalgia piece from the 83/84 promotion season, Refs, Stats, some scathing words for those that take Ashley’s shilling, reflections on our move from print and paper to Digital and hell loads of other stuff bursting out all over the joint.

TF1 featured a cover of a Newcastle United icon, yer man Alan Shearer looking all pensive with a COME TOGETHER headline. We end our print and paper era with another Newcastle United icon, Kevin Keegan with his brilliant quote about football clubs and dreams. We make no apologies for the outrageously romantic nature of KK’s statement. We believe King Kev got it. Not like the dead souls running the United spreadsheets.

As ever, we have our regulars, the editorial, the Thru Black & White Eyes diary of Newcastle United’s life and times, Paully’s Postcards From The Edge, Feel Every Beat match reports, Sub Culture, Drums & Wires and a personal favourite of mine, The End.

Keep your eyes skinned, we’ll have details of how to get the little fellas very soon.

You can buy TF111 directly from us, just click here


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