Hello everyone. I am delighted to commend to you for your reading pleasure, issue 123 of true faith, the Newcastle Uniteddavid_kelly_tf122_ipad Fanzine which is now 100% DIGITAL and 100% FREE.

We had a staggering interest in TF122 which is by some considerable distance the most widely read issue we have ever had since 1999.

The best years of this fanzine are in front of it.

This latest issue has enough reading to keep you all out of trouble for quite some time and whilst there is enough material about Newcastle United to occupy even the most ferocious of obsessives we’ve also got a fair bit of material showing the football experiences of Mags all over the planet.

We’ve got history and nostalgia pieces, analysis, sheer unashamed fan-dom and Paully.

We’ve even got a few bits and bobs about clothes and music. Just like old times eh?

All of our every popular columns are included but as well as the veteran writers we have on the books I’m delighted that magpie_passion_tf122_ipadseldom an issue goes by without us attracting new writers keen to express their views on United and football as they see it. A big welcome to all of the new kids!

It’s 120 pages and if you can find me a football fanzine that has that level of coverage being given to your gratis then I’ll show my big, white, spotty Geordie arse in Fenwick’s window.

May I thank everyone who has contributed to this issue – writers, cartoonists.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this issue.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …