We have a new selection of true faith pin badges on sale now.

All you need to do to get at the little fellas is click here.

Let us introduce them to you:

Number one is the much awaited Durham version of the WE ARE THE MAGS series. It DurhamBadgefeatures the flag of County Durham and is our tribute to the many thousands of supporters who have taken Newcastle United to their hearts over the years.

As well as supporters, we should also mention some great club servants who are Durham lads and as Black & White as any from city or the Tyne.

How about Sir Bobby Robson or the great Stan Seymour Senior, aka Mr Newcastle United who served the club as a player and director.

You can get at this beauty by just clicking here.


Next up is our very own WE ARE THE MAGS – true faith pin badge with a clearly identifiable Blue Star which TFPinneeds no introduction. Carries Black & White stripes and does what it says on the tin.

Just click here to get hold of one of these beauties. Hey, you might even want to buy two.

You lot have got your buttons stitched on. See what I did there.

Just click here.


Last but by no means least this is a pin badge for all of Mags from both sides of the Tyne. TynesideBadge We’ve gone for sheer simplicity with this fella. Black & White, Black & White stripes, We Are The Mags and Tyneside clearly emblazoned on this beauty.

This badge will look the business on any match day jacket, coat, jumper or anything else.

Smart as a carrot and we aren’t mass producing these fellas so we are expecting them to be collectible. J

Just click here for this beautiful pin badge.


Many thanks to all of you who have bought or intend to buy our badges.


That is all.