We have had the latest issue of true faith out on sale now for a couple of weeks now and tf115_cover_ipadthe feedback we’ve had has been excellent, so thank you very much for all of you who have dropped us a line to let us know how much you have enjoyed it.

We are now working hard on the next issue and we have some absolutely brilliant material already filed and getting worked up so when it comes to you it is presented in the best way possible with all of the bells and whistles we are starting to master.

Every issue of the new format DIGITAL true faith is a minimum of 100 pages and we are now bringing out 10 issues per season but at a much lower cost than we ever could in hard-copy format. With no postal charges now we have been able to reach out to more exiled Mags across the country and the world offering a better publication at a fraction of its previous price.

true faith is written by an extremely broad church of supporters. Variously we are season tf115_60sec_ipadticket holders, regular fans, home and away zealots, exiles and lads and lasses from round the doors. We al share a love of Newcastle United and football in general. People like you write for true faith and are part of what we are trying to do to express the many varied opinions about our club and the game in general.

We like our history, nostalgia and have some absolutely superb pieces which bring the past back to life.

We have a range of qualified financial experts and accountants who regularly cast an expert eye on the money matters at United and give your the facts, their opinions and deductions rather
than the froth and spin from the club or clumsy summaries from a press that either cannot or will not delve into the club’s balance sheets.

We are the fanzine for the fan who wants to know more. tf115_totti_ipad

We have analysis of the manager, players, the team and although we do have match
reports from fans at every game United plays, we also do have a summary of all of our fixtures in the excellent Feel Every Beat.

We have writers who have been with us virtually since we started out in 1999 but we also are delighted to give at least one or two new scribes their debuts in each issue of the fanzine.

We operate an open door policy for writers, so just get in touch – we want to listen to yourtf115_goddard_ipad
ideas for features but if you are in need of inspiration we always have ideas for you to cover.

Everything we do in true faith is 100% original. We don’t plagiarise ideas or nick material. We’ll leave that to others.

Every subscription to true faith will get you 10 issues of the fanzine. Your subscription will also get you access to 34 back copies of the fanzine now in our archive. That is at absolutely no additional cost at all.

The annual subscription cost is £17.99. You can take out a recurring quarterly subscription
at £5.99. The service and content is exactly the same.

Its a great present to yourself.

A true faith subscription is also a great present for someone else. If you have a Black & tf115_aarons_ipadWhiter in your life, then a subscription to true faith is an absolutely brilliant birthday or …. roll of the drums Christmas present.

true faith is great on PCs, lap-tops, smart-phones, i-phones, kindles, tablets and i-pads.

We are in partnership with Exact Editions, who are the market-leaders in Digital magazines. As well as true faith, Exact Editions work with respected and long-established established fanzine titles, United We Stand (Man Utd), The Gooner (Arsenal), When Skies Are Grey (Everton), Heroes and Villains (Aston Villa), Well Red (Liverpool) and Stand (General).

Exact Editions provide a great service. Its safe, efficient and after only a few minutes of taking out your subscription, you will have full access to our latest issue as well as every full digital issue we have done since the summer.

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true faith has once again been short-listed for an award courtesy of the Football vote_tf_fsf_2014Supporters Federation. This is the fourth successive year the FSF has short-listed us for an award and it really is very flattering that from the many hundreds, possibly thousands of supporters fanzines and websites around the country, we have made it to the short-list of six.

The award will be made on Monday 1/Dec/14 at some swanky doo in that London and we’ll be in attendance having had a good wash and put some new underwear and  socks especially for the occasion.

true faith is up against some really fierce competition and to have a chance of winning, we really need you to vote for us. We really are the underdogs in this scrap.

So, if you could see your way clear to clicking on this here link and voting for true faith under the Independent Website category (item 5), we’d be really grateful.

If you could tell your mates about it that would be great as well.

One day Geordie could come back from London with a trophy – before then, some schmutter courtesy of the FSF might have to do.

This is the link here if you wanted to put it about a bit



That is all.