We’re going through something of a re-set with our merchandising at TRUE FAITH and looking at seriously ramping up what we do in respect of the stuff we sell. As ever the profit we generate from the merchandise sold will be reinvested into everything we do across all of our platforms. Every penny we make is reinvested in providing the best we can deliver in fan-led, independent content and coverage of Newcastle United, football and the world around it. No-one is making a living from any of this here.

So, we’d like to hear from local businesses who can join our suppliers to provide certain schmutter to the Black & White cognoscenti here and abroad.

We’re looking for manufacturers who can supply us with t-shirts, pin-badges, mugs, beanies, Reni hats, prints, stickers and whatever else might come to mind. By all means give us your suggestions too. There’s an open-door to all of this.

If you have any ideas about what we could be doing by way of TRUE FAITH fan-inspired unofficial merchandise, let us know too.

Please e-mail us on contact@https://true-faith.co.uk