Should I stay or should I go?

Following on from my view of our ‘defence’ in a recent TF edition, I now  present…..

Part 2 – The midfield

Youan Gouffran

I say midfield, I’m really not sure where you would put him. When he arrived, he was Gouffranmaybe a winger. Perhaps a second forward? I know one thing for sure. He was a damn site more effective than he is these days.  He was a goal threat (or fret, if Alan was talking) and looked a couple of £million snip.

The only thing he has going at present, is that when he comes on as a sub he properly gets stuck in. Not much, then.  I still think there is a player in there somewhere, and for that reason,  with a new more professional coaching staff in place, he may profit and we’ll see the player who arrived a couple of years back.

His marks out of 10 for this season, a rather woeful 3. But, KEEP.

 Vurnon Anita

For me, the King of the emperors new clothes. I say this, because for a while, if you anita1criticised him out loud on any form of social media you were instantly a pariah. The chin strokers would put you right and talk about the Ajax academy etc etc.

I don’t get him, never have. And therefore, I see him as a nude monarch.  On a horse.

Being fair to him, I watched a whole youtube video of him playing v Feyenoord when he signed for us. I was instantly impressed how he ran the game from the back a la Makalele.

I have never seen this diminutive fellow do anything like that for us.

Is it the club’s fault? Possibly. Did they bring in a Carr signing and just not know what to do with him? Even more possible.

What I’ve seen, is a lad who is woefully out of his depth attempting to ply his trade in Premiership.

1/10 pedal

Chieck Tiote

If you are a fan, you might want to skip the next few paragraphs.

To be fair to the guy, his first season was pretty much a success.  Although I reckon even TioteIvoryCoastthen you could see signs that whilst everyone else saw him as a defensive shield, who should be content breaking up the play and immediately giving it to someone with an ounce of flair, like Yohan. He saw himself as a mixture of Franz Beckenbauer and Glenn Hoddle.

A few years down the line, all I see is a busted flush with a shit injury, disciplinary and scoring record. An aficionado of the Hollywood ball to no one. A serial ball dweller.

An accident waiting to happen. I’ve had a few words with keyboard warrior types who tell me how much we miss him. Don’t make me laugh. Let the fellow drive off with his homies and champagne bottles and see what Arsene thinks of him. I doubt it will be much.

0/10. Pedal this charlatan. Please.

Moussa Sissoka.

As much as an enigma as Mona Lisa’s sort of smirk. This lad makes me scratch my head. SissokosmileHe should be tearing it up. He’s built like a tank and is particularly fleet of foot. After a barren spell dating back to his early impressive appearances he has finally managed to get amongst the goals a bit.

So, what’s the problem? I suspect a touch of the sheep heart. With a healthy dose of ‘what the heck am I doing here?’ Mixed in with a leaden first touch. I have a feeling he has some way to go if he ever wants to be ‘top 4’ material. A superb athlete, if not a technician.

Given a run alongside Colback and Abeid, with a proper coach that player would probably materialise. For these reasons, If by some miracle he wants to stay, I would keep him.


Jack Colback

I like Jack. I mean he’s not exactly dripping with personality but I do believe he for the most part plays an important role rather well.

He must be a nightmare to play against. At his best, he is very fast into the tackle and a colback1decent recycler of the ball. He has scored a few good goals as well.

He does pick up too many cards and can be a little anonymous at times, but overall I would definitely want to keep him.

I think he can give a fair bit more and am confident I would score him higher than the 6 I’m going to give him now in a better NUFC side. I would probably mark him higher, but I still haven’t totally forgiven him for his shabby Mackem past.


Mehdi Abeid

I’ve always liked the look of this lad. When Pardiola finally let him have his chance he Abeid
really looked the part in the middle.

As usual, injuries bollocksed everything up just as everything was looking rosy.

For the brief glimpse of his energy, movement and tackling prowess I will rate him a 6.5 and hope to see a lot more of him next term.

Rolando Aarons.

He was a real bolt from the blue. A winger with real purpose, an eye for  a goal with an aaronsexcellent work ethic. In typical NUFC fashion, he got injured, Alan decided to bring him back far too soon and that was pretty much that for the season. Surely Palace will get to see the other side of this blurt?

But I digress. I’m looking forward to seeing Aarons next term. He has real potential.

Keep. 7/10 for his short season.

Gabriel Obertan

Hmmm. Very occasionally this chap looks the part.  The rest of the time he is pony. Gabriel ObertanPerhaps with better coaching he could become some sort of asset, but he really needs to deliver more. Honestly, I will be surprised if you ever get much out of him. I will give him 4/10 and say ‘laters’. (It would’ve  been 5, but I have deducted a point for his flagrant use of the disabled car parking spaces at David Lloyd gym – boo). 

Remy Cabella

If we were a 5 a side team, this lad would’ve been a cracking signing. CabellaArsenal1

He’s had a pretty ropey first season in the Premiership. He looks far too lightweight, thinks doing 12 stepovers before passing the ball is de rigeur & more often than not, his end product is poor.

Presumably, our new coaching staff can bring something more out of him.

His superb goal at Hull shows that he does have some talent. To be honest, you’d be fortunate to get a third of what we paid for him, so he needs to be kept and helped to train on.

3/10 for the season. Must do better, Remy lad.

I will be back to rate the strikers chances soon….

Nick Clark.