Once again, our young Mr Harrison, Deputy Editor of

this gob-shite fanzine has made the trip to Chicken Town for a bit craic about the up and coming Derby on Sunday with Martyn McFadden, Officer-in-Charge of Sunderland’s biggest, most respected and longest running fanzine, A Love Supreme. Yes, they are in a bar and drinking what appears to be tea or coffee but which could be Poteen, though admittedly, that is unlikely.

Admittedly, this is a bar in Sunderland and it might be how they gan on over there so we’ll give our man a pass on this one. However, there will be questions on Sunday morning in the world famous Black Garter, over pints of Stella at half eight in the morning.  This lad wasn’t brought up to drink coffee in bars, was he Ronnie?  Pfft.

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