There was news today from Newcastle United that the Gallowgate Corner (aka Strawberry Corner) has now completely SOLD OUT. Obviously, we all hope those who have renewed season tickets as well as relocated and bought new tickets for that area of St James’ Park have done so with the intention of giving strong vocal support to Rafa and the team this coming season.

Its an incredible development.

For what its worth we are now pointing would-be singers in the direction of The Gallowgate lower tier. We are encouraging as many singers as possible to get as close as possible to the east side and underneath The Corner and along the front and ultimately the entire length of the goal-line of The Gallowgate.

With singers concentrated as close as possible together there is a greater opportunity to provide the kind of vocal support NUFCFans6we experienced during the Spurs game when The Corner played such a significant role in kicking off the singing across the rest of The Gallowgate and St James’ Park.

A few people have contacted this fanzine to ask whether it would be possible to organise flag displays which I guess would initially be concentrated in The Corner and the Gallowgate lower tier.

Those of us who run true faith would be delighted to help facilitate that kind of thing but we can’t do everything.

What we would be happy to do however is to host a meeting of dedicated volunteers, encourage a few others to support fund-raising and publicity for the manufacture of flags, arrange for designs to be put together, organise their purchase and ensure what is produced cuts the mustard in terms of health and safety and all of that palaver. We just want to get it off the ground.

We will need some good people who are based in The Corner however to volunteer to be on the spot and arrange the physical display of the banners on match-days, liaise with the club, sort their storage and everything else.

If you are in The Corner of the lower tier of The Gallowgate and are up for this, please get in touch on editor@ and we’ll get things moving.

It is surely not beyond the wit of us to form a similar operation to what they have at Man Utd (see enclosed STREFORD END FLAGS ) and eventually develop some real eye-catching stuff from The Corner etc. Ultimately, it will only happen if people stir themselves to do it.

To make this happen we will need volunteers who are dedicated to make this succeed. We will have to get cracking to be ready for the start of the season.

true faith can provide the kick-start this might need but to make this happen will require a dedicated group who know what they are doing.

As above, if you are interested, drop us a line on editor@