After being somewhat knocked down in the rush with orders for our brand spanking new GallowgateSoul (1)Leazes and Gallowgate End SOUL t-shirts we now have a brand new stock available after a day of frantic phone calls, text messages and all the rest of it.

To let everyone have a good run at the t-shirts we’ll be making them available for sale at exactly 7pm, Monday 13/Jul/15.

As someone once said, we really wanna see those fingers! 

We pasty faced wretches in the true faith bunker have spent all day sticking t-shirts into bags, scuttling along to the Post Office, blinking in the sunshine but everyone that ordered a t-shirt yesterday in that mad stampede has it coming down the track to them as I speak.

We are going to cover our arses though and beg your indulgence of requesting you to allow 14 days for delivery. Hope that’s okay. Good chance most of you will get them well before that but whey, give us a bit breathing space man.

You’ll be able to get at the t-shirts by just clicking here.

We are delighted to let you know that everyone of you who buys a t-shirt from true faith will go onto a list to receive a FREE and FANTASTIC E-Book which we are currently putting the finishing touches on.

You’ll get it before Christmas 2015. Providing you’ve stumped up the necessary for a t-shirt.

As was on this here site yesterday, our purpose with the true faith merchandise line is to GallowgateSoulTshirtbring you items which are good quality, affordable but say something of the culture of our great support and the city and region we are proud to call our own. These items won’t be mass produced and they won’t be available from everyone else other than us on here.

Going forward we intend to produce some t-shirts whose motivation will be to raise money for some charities we think will strike a chord with you but we will do that when we get up and running. We’ll come back to that in a month or so.

We also want to produce items, particularly t-shirts that we know you want, so any of you out there with any ideas, just drop us a line on editor@ and we’ll weigh up whether or not its do-able or not.

Anyway, enough of all of that, just get ready for these first t-shirts we’ve now got ready for you.

Visit the true faith shop here.

That is all.