And so ends one of the biggest (though one of many) farces in the modern history of Kinnear7Newcastle United Football Club. Joe Kinnear is no longer the Director of Football at the club. After an appointment which baffled the world of football, he has lasted barely nine months and achieved absolutely nothing.

Whether a rumoured flood of cancelled season ticket debits since Saturday has precipitated his departure is a moot point but he is a buffoon who brought absolutely nothing at all to Newcastle United and in many ways reduced the club to laughing stock.

He invited us to judge him on his signings and after two windows we have: he’s shit.

Any one of us could fill any amount of column inches slaughtering the self-satisfied moron but to be honest, I can’t be bothered with that.

There are major questions to be answered about Ashley. How could someone appoint this man to such a strategically important position and allow him to proceed delivering nothing for nine months before dispensing with his services. It is negligent.

Then what of the future? I don’t think any one questions the importance of having a Director of Football, someone who can set the strategy for the club’s development over the longer period with the establishment of scouting networks, the development of coaching under the first team squad and at the academy. How could you trust Ashley to be even be bothered to do this?

Then, there is the question as to how on earth, Ashley could have appointed Kinnear and allowed this to force the exit of Derek Llambias, the man who was slowly but surely improving the atmosphere around United (albeit he was responsible for the Sports Direct Arena and Wonga bull-shit).

Nothing has really changed with Kinnear’s departure and I’ll leave it to someone we trust to sum up matters:

“And the best day will come when someone buys it from him and runs Newcastle like it should be run. The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley, I promise you that”Kevin Keegan TF_INITIALS_LOGO