Just in time for Father’s Day we have two magnificent prints which are a must for any Mag’s best appointed wall-space.

These beauties are A3 size and magnificently designed with a superb finish. We haven’t framed them because that would push up the cost and inevitably means they get pagga’d in the post. The prints are only £15 and can be posted anywhere in the world.

Kevin Keegan – DREAMS 

There isn’t a man who understands what makes our club’s support tick more than Kevin Keegan. A hopeless football KKWordsromantic with a following of dreamers and believers there has never been a better fit of manager and support than Kevin Keegan and those of us who have packed the terraces and stands of St James’ Park for decades. Kevin Keegan got us and by the name of Milburn, we got him as well.

As we now experience our football amidst the global and corporate interests of Russian oligarchs and Middle East oil sheikhs its more tempting than ever to imagine no-one can ever do anything which doesn’t have the backing on “The Man”. But it isn’t that way. Leicester City proved last season what can be done and transformed KK’s words of wistful longing into something far more real. For Kevin Keegan, dreams can come true but let’s be honest you have to have the courage to dream in the first instance.

This superb A3 print is a tribute to the Keegan philosophy and to the man himself.

The print is £15 and is unframed in order to keep the costs down. There will be no difficulties in finding a wide selection of frames to mount this beauty in.

The print will be sent in secure packaging and via First Class post on the day of your order.

A great gift.

Click here or on the image to get a better look.


Sir Bobby Robson – WHAT IS A CLUB? 

There isn’t a quote anyone can recall which will best capture the essence of what it is about Newcastle United and the love Sir BobbyWordswe all have for it than the one Sir Bobby Robson used to perfectly sum up what we all believe.  Sir Bobby’s came from the heart and we were instantly transported back to that time when Sir Bobby climbed aboard a Langley Park bus with his Dad, travelled through his native County Durham, into Tyneside, over the bridge and eventually through a turnstile and onto a terrace with his hand in his Dad’s and filled with wonderment. It was that exuberance and joy which stayed with Bobby all of his life as a player, manager at the highest level and which was still with him in abundance as his marvellous career came to a close at St James’ Park.

But Sir Bobby’s words didn’t just describe his own love-affair with his football club, they summed up how many of us fell in love with Newcastle United and the game in general. We recognise Sir Bobby’s words in our own lives following United but we see them in our friends, parents and in our own children. The emotion Sir Bobby so eloquently summed up is so universal, so succinct and so accurate.

This print is a celebration of those words and the recognition we have for them. It is beautifully designed and the quality is absolutely magnificent.

The print is A3 size and is only £15.

As with all of our prints in order to reduce the costs we leave it to you to choose the frame and we have deliberately chosen an A3 size because there is no shortage of affordable frames that will fit that size but you can pay what you like.

Click here or on the image for a better look.