As we’ve been plugging for the last month, TRUE FAITH has now made its triumphant return to print format with issue 139. Its something loads of you have been asking us to do almost from the moment we were forced off the news-stands. The digital format has been brilliant for the fanzine and taken it to places we never thought possible. That’s why we’ll continue to offer it in that format for those who prefer that option.

But here it is back in print, thanks it has to be said to Alex Hurst, our editor and his contacts. So, its a renewed era with the familiar A5 publication back in all its glory, looking more or less the same with a few tweaks.

The relaunched TRUE FAITH fanzine is an A5, 48-page job, full colour, professionally designed and comes to you on a luxuriant paper quality. We want you to have something nice.

We’ve had a fantastic response to the news we’re come back in hard-copy but what we really need to sustain the fanzine in the longer term is for you to buy the wee beauties.

You can get a subscription to the fanzine by clicking here. 

You’ll find all of the options there in terms of your location.

TRUE FAITH is Newcastle United’s longest running and most widely read fanzine. Its your voice, so we hope you not only read it but write it in the longer term.

But right now, we’d love you to buy it.

Thank you for all of your support.