Its that time again when Newcastle United’s longest running and most widely read fanzine is ready to download at absolutely no cost to you whatsoever.

This is issue 134 of true faith. Since 1999 we’ve been providing the alternative view on life in and around Newcastle United Football Club. Everything you read in the fanzine is provided by rank and file supporters expressing their honest views on what’s happening at the club we all love. Our mission at true faith is to inform and entertain readers. the fanzine is for people who enjoy a good read and you won’t be irritated by click-bait, misleading headlines or any of the empty attention-seeking gloob you see elsewhere.

Although true faith is now available exclusively in digital format, we aim to stay true to the original principles of fanzine culture and provide a platform for the kind of writing you won’t find anywhere else.

You don’t have to be a published writer or come with any fancy qualifications to write for true faith but you do have to love Newcastle United and want to produce original material. In return your work will be presented in the best design available to any fanzine and an absolutely huge readership.

Just drop Alex a line on and you’ll be put to work.

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