This week Manchester remembers the tragedy on a Munich run-way which robbed English football of one of its great teams but more recently Brazil has been enduring a similar catastrophe. The plane carrying the Chapecoense team and party to Medellin, Colombia from Brazil crashed killing almost everyone on board.

For some years now, true faith has had the privilege of having John Milton, dedicated writer based out in Rio who has shone a light into all manner of nooks and crannies of Brazilian football and life for us. John has written from a Geordie angle (he’s from Heaton and a life-long Black & Whiter) but it is unquestionably the saddest assignment he’s had from back home to write about the Brazilian team whose name will now be forever be associated with a real football and human tragedy.

From his adopted home in Brazil, John is uniquely placed to describe the rise of Chapecoense and the impact of this tragedy on that club, the support and football.

This is a really great piece of writing that we’re honoured to carry and I think everyone who really loves the game of football will draw something from reading this excellent article.

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