From time to time the pages of true faith will feature some stuff which is not directly Newcastle United or football skin2related but instead take a nod at some youth cultures that are of interest to some of us in the TF writing circle. Its a little self-indulgent on our part admittedly but well, its not doing anyone any harm and the feedback we’ve had from those that have liked it has been great.

Back in October the great Don Letts presented a programme on BBC4 regarding the most misunderstood sub-culture of them all and one which meant a lot to those of us of a certain vintage – skinhead. 

This caused a little bit of excitement amongst some of us around true faith and as a result one of our new writers, Victoria penned a review of the programme and gave her own two pennorth on the Skinhead sub-culture but very much through the filter of her own Geordie and familial experience.

The enclosed article is the result and if you want to get at it, just click here. 

You can follow Victoria on @VLJ1976