Fanzines should be publications where the weird and wonderful get an audience. We should be unencumbered by tf127_public_house_ipadthoughts of advertising traffic driving click-bait and cutting and pasting gossip in a desperation to be seen as a news-line but in truth simply end up like an echo chamber of banality. Fanzines should do something different to justify their existence. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Down the years true faith has featured some weird and wonderful writings. However, I don’t think I’ve giggled my way through anyone’s writings as much as I have Richard Foster’s over then last couple of seasons. Richard’s superbly written pieces for true faith probably aren’t for everyone. If you sing “such and such is a shit hole, I wanna go home” at an away game and chuck beer around in the concourse then I doubt Richard’s prose is for you. But if you like something unusual, clever and a bit left-field about your favourite football club, the world around it and indeed the world, infused with some superb musical riffs then I suggest you give Richard a go.

All you need to do to get this excellent piece –  ESCAPE FROM THE ANGRY HEADS AND THE PUBLIC HOUSE AS A WOMB, is to click here.