No, we haven’t gone mental in the true faith bunker (well …) but as our regular readers will be aware, one of our most cherished writers, your man Richard Foster is something of our resident intellectual and gives Paully a run for title enfant-radge. Each issue Richard draws from the surreal depths of his consciousness to provide his adoring readers with the type of copy that will not be discovered anywhere else in this here fanzine culture of ours.

We don’t pretend that Richard’s musings are up the autobahn of a bantz loving SOCCER AM  audience or those who
prefer their football coverage from the man kicks ball and scores goal genre but you know, we couldn’t give a f**k about those types of readers anyway. This fanzine is for kicks not clicks.

You will have to pay Richard’s pieces their deserved attention. The first couple of sentences may not convince you, you are reading about The Toon but if you have anything about you at all, by the time you get to the end, you’ll be smiling, scratching your head with a puzzled expression and you’ll feel better for it.

To get at Richard’s excellent writing, all you need to do is click here

You can follow Richard on @incendiarymagazine

You can get at the full issue of true faith (Issue 126), our SUMMER SPECIAL by simply clicking on the image below. true faith is available 100% in digital format and it is absolutely FREE.