Those who have been reading true faith for any length of time will know occasionally we give a nod to the sub-culture of terrace chic and pass comment on what has been worn around football over the last 30-40 years as a reasonable commentary on passing fads. Some might regard it as a form of social commentary and some might regard it as some knob-heads talking about clothes. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Please look away now if you are a bit sensitive about having the piss taken out of your new Stone Island jacket.

Over the last few issues of the fanzine, Ross Jenkins has been focusing in on some iconic brands which have become firmly identified with lads at the match and which retain an attraction to this day.

In the current issue of true faith, Ross has cast his eye on Lacoste, which for many of us of a certain vintage was the must-have polo shirt of the 1980s. Hands up if you spent time casting glances at an arrange of pastel shades through the windows of Marcus Price (ask your Dad) before meandering to the George and Dragon for a pint of Ex en-route to SJP?

Anyway, enough nostalgia for now, Lacoste has retained its attraction and in this excellent piece by Ross he describes the roots of this label and its meaning today in the stands of British football.

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