Its all too easy and tempting to forget Steve McClaren. After all, we have a proper manager now who we all believe in and who is a man who knows what he’s doing and isn’t just in the Newcastle United dug-out because no-one else will employ him. We are lucky to have Rafa whereas McClaren was very lucky to have us.

Anyway, in the current issue of true faith (TF125) we put together a number of articles that were planned before and after McClaren was sacked and we do think they are very interesting pieces that inform our opinions on what has gone on this season.

First up was Alex Hurst’s analysis of the tactics McClaren variously employed whilst United coach. Alex’s piece – simply called McClaren’s Tactics, can be found here.

An excellent piece from Alex as you’d expect.

Adam Dunwoodie contacted true faith just before McClaren to offer a different perspective on the growing view that our coach was a dud and in his piece – McClaren – Is he any good? offered a really interesting view on our now departed coach. You can get at Adam’s really good article by clicking here

It might have seemed as though the entire United support was against McClaren by the time Bournemouth applied the dagger to the ex-England manager’s heart but that wasn’t so really. Richard Dunwoodie put together an excellent piece – Steve McClaren – The Case For The Defence and once again we had a different perspective on what seemed to be a universally held belief that McClaren had to go. You can access Richard’s piece by just clicking here

Remember McClaren’s e-mails to us all? Andy Welsh did and he’s put them together to outline McClaren’s brief but doomed time at United. You can get at them by clicking here


Obviously, there is a whole lot more in the latest issue of true faith than stuff about a doomed Newcastle United Head Coach who should never got within a country mile of St James’ Park. In this latest issue (TF125) we have over 120 pages of some of the best fanzine writing anywhere in the country. The fanzine movement in the UK is changing rapidly and the gobshites at true faith who you have come to know and love (cough) since 1999 are at its forefront. We’ve done our stint standing in the rain selling hard copies of the fanzine and you’ve supported us by buying them. But this is the digital age and we can offer you so much more all for less but we can maintain the spirit and culture of the original fanzine movement but with far more bells and whistles and maintaining the same quality.

As ever, true faith is written for Newcastle United supporters by Newcastle United supporters.

All you need to do to get at the latest issue (TF125) is to click on the image below and that’s it you’ll be there. The fanzine reads brilliantly on anyb device you care to mention – PCs, Lap-tops, smart-phones, i-pads and tablets. Whatever way you read it, just make sure you read it.