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As those of you who have been reading this old toffee for any length of time will know, we have a few of our agents embedded across some pretty exotic locations and few are more glamorous than John Milton’s base, who is out in Rio. John was persuaded to give up the quiz nights in the Chillingham Arms in Heaton for an altogether different way of life down in Brazil.

For a number of years now, John has been filling the pages of true faith with all kinds of different angles on Brazilian life and obviously with massive references to the world of football – its clubs, its national team, players, officials and was in his element when the World Cup landed on his favela’s doorstep a couple of years ago.

In the new issue of true faith (TF125) John has embarked upon the second part of a superb biography of one of the greatest (if not the greatest) player who has ever pulled on a football shirt and that is of course, Pele.

With an insight refined after living in Pele’s homeland for the last five years and a deep understanding of the culture of his adopted country, John has an excellent understanding of what Pele means to Brazil and he expresses it fantastically in this latest issue.

In many ways, its pieces like this which persuaded us to develop a completely digital version of the fanzine. Being able to publish a piece like this would have been unthinkable in a hard-copy publication but it works brilliantly within this format.

John’s article isn’t a quick read and we’d recommend putting the kettle on, getting a plateful of hob nobs and sitting down to give a good half an hour reading this excellent piece detailing the life of one of football’s most blessed of players.

Obviously, this piece is written by one of our own, a lad who sees football from a similar angle as you and I. John is a Newcastle United supporter who has spent many an hour standing and sitting on The Gallowgate and for what its worth that gives his article on Pele a special interest as it comes from someone with the same sense of wonderment at one of the game’s greatest players.

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