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Regardless of what does or doesn’t happen at the end of this season, there are few Newcastle United supporters who believe Mike Ashley is the man to bring proper, football success to St James’ Park. What many of us crave is new, responsible, ambitious ownership and a sense of renewal and direction from the top of the club. We are unlikely to get it from Mike Ashley and anyone like Lee Charnley who he will appoint to do his bidding.

So, can Newcastle United be sold? What is the price and what would have to happen before Ashley waddled off into the middle-distance and out of our nightmares?

Well, as regular readers know we have some expertise in our ranks when it comes to analysing these matters and once again one of our football finance gadgies, Andrew Trobe has opened up the Excel Spreadsheets and applied a cold, hard analysis to what it might take to get Newcastle United out of the icy, death-grip of Mike Ashley. Andrew has analysed the pitfalls, pratfalls and all the rest of it to look at what the deal might look like to get us into new hands.

Although Andrew writes in a very bright and breezy style with not a little of an entertaining flourish, his pieces aren’t for the SOCCER AM airhead types, so you will have to devote a bit of time to reading his piece and hey, you might have to read it again to fully understand what is being explained. But if you do genuinely want to understand what is going on at United as opposed to  absorb quite a bit of ill-informed white noise from social media, then this is the kind of stuff for you.

All you have to do to get at Andrew’s piece is click here


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