Its fair to say United is at something of a crossroads. For the first time since the days of Sir Bobby Robson, we have a manager in Rafa Benitez who we all believe in and who has the potential to return us to our rightful place in the upper echelons of the Premier League and ensure the club is run as a proper sporting institution. There aren’t many amongst us who don’t believe in Rafa.

In the latest issue of true faith (TF125) one of our new writers Emma Thompson examines the position we are in and the forks in the road that lie ahead but specifically the opportunities which are possible for Mike Ashley.

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The previous issue of true faith (TF124) was without question the most widely read issue we have ever published in all of tf125_ipadthe years we have been in existence since 1999. Obviously we were delighted with that and it provides a vindication of our move to  a free and digital format for the fanzine.

However, this current issue is already looking very much like it will far outstrip the readership figures we had for TF124 and mean the current issue will then be the most widely read one we have ever published. The numbers look like they are going to be the best we have ever had very soon and that is when we are only 3 weeks into having made the issue available to be downloaded. The true faith fanzine has never been more popular or widely read. Thank you for your support and the excellent feedback we receive from you.

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