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As regular readers will know, we are all fond of some shameless nostalgia in the pages of true faith and the digital format allows us to indulge our whims like we never ever have before.

We are also delighted to have the excellent volunteer Newcastle United supporter-archivist, Marc Corby on our writing team and we hope we have provided Marc with a suitable platform to express his detailed and passionate interest in our club’s recent history. Marc, it goes without saying is a devoted supporter of Newcastle United and all round good lad. We’re delighted we have him on the true faith team for all those reasons and hope he stays with us for many years to come.

In our latest issue (TF125) Marc has turned his attentions to none other than David Ginola who lit up St James’ Park and the tf125_ipad_ginolaPremier League some twenty-years ago. If King Kev had a team of Entertainers, none of them did more entertaining than Davide.

Marc has put together a superb eight-page piece recalling Ginola’s entire career but especially his time at United, his impact and it is a feature with all of the bells and whistles we are able to add now that we are pioneering this new digital fanzine format.

In many ways, its features like Marc’s which provide the explanation as to why we made the transition to the digital format in the first instance. Nobody could ever provide a feature like this one in hard-copy format without making the publication completely unaffordable and its also technically impossible as well.

But this piece is about David Ginola and his time at Newcastle United. As things continue to unravel at Ashley’s pale shadow of a football club this article will gave you a warm glow as you recall better days that are frighteningly twenty years ago now. Its a good thing that David Ginola recalls his time amongst us as fondly as we do him at our football club.

We all hope you really enjoy the piece.

You can get at it by just clicking here. 

That is all.


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