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Given the week we are all having (which I’m guessing might get a whole lot worse) I think some light relief and amusement is perhaps timely. On that basis may I recommend to you the latest piece from the digits of Richard Foster which is featured lovingly within the pages of our current issue (TF125).

It was a good day within the bowels of the true faith bunker when Richard had the hood removed from his head and blinked into the candle-light and was thereafter chained to a laptop under the tf125_ipad_billy_oceaninstruction to write some surreal and amusing anecdotes for the titillation of those trapped on the Black & White planet. Richard has delivered that and then some.

Within this latest piece, Richard explores the very real and vital importance of hair-cuts and hair styles in being able to stay in favour or cast you into the Toon wilderness. I’m aware I’m not doing Richard’s remarkable piece justice with this promo so I’d just say, you’ve read this far so you clearly have nothing better to do with your time so just give it a read.

Brian Eno, Electric Shocks and Billy Ocean – Richard FosterClick here



There is more brilliant fanzine writing from your fellow supporters in the latest issue of true faith (TF125). This is a free and digital fanzine and its brilliant on any device from PCs to lap-tops to tablets to smart-phones and i-pads. true faith is Newcastle United’s number one fanzine with the biggest readership. true faith is Newcastle United’s longest running title and has been providing the alternative view on life on the Black & White planet since 1999. We never miss a beat.

This latest issue (TF125) is forecast to be the most widely read edition we have ever published. It is over 120 pages of fantastic fanzine writing. It is the best fanzine for the best supporters.