You all know by now how much we love revisiting the past within the pages of true faith and I don’t think anyone does that better than us. Obviously, we now have a large part of our history that none of us were ever around to witness as they are so far back in the mists of time. Those tales from grandparents and great-grandparents are becoming myths and legends in the sepia tinted world of Newcastle United history.

But for a few years now, one of our regular scribblers, Chris Laws has painstakingly researched each season since the formation of Newcastle United in 1892 and within this regular series – THE 60 SECOND SEASON provided an incredible insight into those times at United and the world they took place in. If you loved our epic series – LOOK BACK IN ANGER- THE ROCK AND DOLE YEARS, then you will lap up these highly readable glances back in time.

All you need to do to get at Chris’s superb history piece in the latest issue of true faith is just click here

There is more brilliant fanzine writing from your fellow supporters in the latest issue of true faith (TF125). This is a free and digital fanzine and its brilliant on any device from PCs to lap-tops to tablets to smart-phones and i-pads. true faith is Newcastle United’s number one fanzine with the biggest readership. true faith is Newcastle United’s longest running title and has been providing the alternative view on life on the Black & White planet since 1999. We never miss a beat.

This latest issue (TF125) is forecast to be the most widely read edition we have ever published. It is over 120 pages of fantastic fanzine writing. It is the best fanzine for the best supporters.