We have all come across Mags who have had enough and cancelled season tickets. There is barely a week goes by where I don’t bump into a lifelong Black & Whiter who has reached his or her tipping point with the club and decided enough is enough. Only a fortnight ago I bumped into a lad I know whose points tally for away games would have been in excess of 200 who told me he hasn’t been to a game all season having cancelled the Direct Debit last season. He wasn’t missing it.

I shouldn’t be surprised at these encounters but I still am. Plenty of the people I know who have chucked it are excellent, life-long supporters and I’ve shared many an away trip and post-match drink with them for decades. There are supporters who I would describe as the hardest of the hardcore who can no longer stomach giving up their time and money to the club Mike Ashley has created where Newcastle United used to be. I understand them completely.

It does still come as a shock when someone who you regard as being the very essence of the club tells you he or she is TFBadgepacking it in because they can no longer go along with Ashley’s poor excuse for a football club. A little part of Newcastle United dies forever when they pack it in.

Regular readers of true faith will recognise the name Gavin Bradshaw. Gav has provided this fanzine with some of the most intelligent and well-crafted pieces I’ve had the privilege of publishing in its pages. For a number of years Gav has written the excellent column, The End within true faith and although he’ll squirm with embarrassment, I think I started true faith many years ago, so I could publish the kind of material our Mr Bradshaw has written.

I’ve known Gav as a friend for many years now too, meeting him when he was fresh out of Uni and clocked his life as he’s developed a career of his own and become a family man. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Gav’s parents who are lovely, salt of the earth people but its his Dad, Tommy where you can see Gav gets his love of Newcastle United from. Basically, they are the kind of people you want supporting Newcastle United Football Club. Or rather you and I gentle reader want supporting Newcastle United. God only knows what Mike Ashley wants.

Gav is going to stop writing for true faith at the end of the season. Gav is going to stop supporting Newcastle United in May. He has made that call and when the 2016/17 begins Gavin won’t be there. For the first time since the period following World War 2, a member of the Bradshaw clan won’t be at St James’ Park on match-day.

You can read Gav’s thoughts and his explanation for cancelling that Season Ticket Direct Debit in the latest issue of true faith and within his column, The End.

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