There is an old local saying that wherever you gan you are sure to find a Geordie. You’ll be reminded of that wisdom if you ever find yourself in down town Rio and come across smiling Geordie John Milton, formerly of the People’s Republic of Heaton.

John has lived over in Brazil for a good few years now and whilst his heart will always be on the Gallowgate he has unquestionably embraced the life of his adopted country. Obviously being a lover of the beautiful game, John has become fascinated with Brazilian football and I’m sure plenty of those who have read John’s stuff for true faith down the years have thoroughly enjoyed his writing.

With his outsider status but closeness to the intricacies of Brazilian football not to mention being fluent in the language Pele2with lots of contacts, John has been able to take a rather different look at Brazilian football, both in its current position but also its history.


For those of us of a certain vintage, the name PELE needs no introduction. Although Messi and Ronaldo may be fighting for the crown of greatest ever footballer, in the minds of those of us who grew up mesmerized by MEXICO 70, Brazil’s iconic number 10 is going to take some shifting from our mind’s eye.


For the current issue of true faith, John has completed part one of a superb biography of arguably the greatest footballer in the history of the game. This excellent piece is the first in a trilogy which will explore the background, emergence and career of an astonishing football talent and global football superstar.


This is a great piece and it isn’t just a bit of silly froth you can click on and off. This is a proper, sit-down with a hot mug of tea to spend a good chunk of time reading deal. You know, like you used to do before the days of the internet and too much choice.

Its worth your time.

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