I’ll confess to developing a real affection for some of the long-running series of articles that we have developed down the years in the pages of true faith and particularly those that chart the history of Newcastle United through the eyes of supporters. We should be the curators of our own history in my opinion.

Long-standing readers will recall the modern history of United and the world around it in the Look Back In Anger (The SJPOld1Rock & Dole Years) we took from the post-WW2 period to the modern day with writers such as Ken Brown, Wallace Wilson, the Funk Brothers and Sean Whelan providing us with some excellent and much loved work to span more than half a century of the club’s history and written by those who went to games and supported the club in those times.

Over the last few years Chris Laws has put his heart and soul into crafting some superb pieces which deal with the highlights and contexts of every season in the club’s history since 1892. I have really loved editing them and snappily titled THE 60 SECOND SEASON I think you’ll understand these aren’t weighty columns that are going to require hours and hours of your attention.

They are however a fabulous opportunity to return to points in the history of Newcastle United that very few remaining supporters (if any) have any recollection. Chris has pulled together the key facts of each of these early seasons in United’s history and they are sprinkled liberally with the great world events that formed the backdrop to the football but also what was happening here in our own city and region.

I’ll be absolutely honest, I’m a real sucker for this kind of stuff but I find it fascinating to read about the teams, the players, the results, achievements and disappointments going on at St James’ Park when some of our grand-parents and great-grand-parents’ generations were making their way to the terraces of the Leazes, Gallowgate, Popular Side (now the East Stand) and West Stand paddocks. And obviously the posh seats of what was the West Stand (main stand and now the part of the ground known as The Milburn).

I can be easily accused of bias but I think Chris Laws has done a fantastic job with these pieces. He’s covered every season from 1892 and he’s now up to season 1920/21 and you’ll see what a labour of love it is for Chris to write them and its certainly one I share editing them. As ever our man Glenn Ashcroft has done a wonderful job designing the pages and presenting them in every issue.

As said above, Chris has reached season 1920/21 now in the 60 SECOND SEASON.

Do yourself a big favour and spare a minute enjoying a great read about the club we love so much in a time none of us were around to witness but which is a wonderful period in the history of Newcastle United Football Club.

Just click here to get at the 60 SECOND SEASON – 1920/21 

You can folow Chris on @tflawsy1892


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