Anyone who has been reading true faith for any length of time might know that we like to cast a glance at terrace cultureadidas_ipad and pay some attention to the clothes being worn by supporters and the associated sub-culture.

Whilst what might be described as the Casual look has become stale, predictable and far too easy to achieve in recent years it remains an interesting scene nevertheless and we’ve been interested to look at the story behind some of the labels and brands which have become iconic down the years.

In the previous issue of true faith (TF123) our new recruit Ross Jenkins had a look at the story of Stone Island but I think in this latest issue (TF124) Ross has surpassed himself with an excellent piece on the adidas story. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of you reading this have owned a pair of adidas trainers at some point but this piece will give you a bit more of an insight on the roots of adidas, its story and how it became the ubiquitous sight on British football terraces over the last thirty years and more.

To get at Ross’ article all you need to do is click here

Ross is now working on his third piece in this BRANDED series but we’d really recommend this piece to anyone who has even a passing interest in the whole Dresser look.

You can follow Ross at @_Jenky88

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