TRUE15 LUKE 1977 Voucher (1)

We were all shocked and saddened before Christmas when we learned of the death of our much-loved former goalie, Pavel Srnicek from a heart-attack when he was out running.

Pavel was a man from a country we didn’t know much about when he came to us in the early 90s but he did grow up on Tyneside and it was obvious the affection he had for Newcastle United and the community which sustains it. I think that feeling was mutual.

This is the first issue of true faith (TF124) we’ve had out since Pavel’s death and as you might expect we’ve published some excellent stuff from United fans about our ex-goalie and I would hope you would take some time out to give them a good read. They are superbly written and I’m sure you will really enjoy them.

First up is a true faith writer, Lofty, making his debut on our pages and describing his admiration for Pavel as well as the pavel_ipadaccounts of some meetings he had with our goalie.

You can get access to that piece by just clicking here

We also have a marvellous article written by our resident curator, Marc Corby who as well as giving us a fantastic piece has also provided some wonderful footage and photographs which you’ll all enjoy.

To get at Marc’s piece, just click here.

As ever, we are all hugely grateful for the work Glenn Ashcroft, our resident design genius has done to provide some visually stunning pieces for true faith. Thanks mate.

Of course you can get access to the whole fanzine by just clicking on the image as below.

As ever, true faith is available exclusively in digital format and is absolutely FREE.