We are all delighted to bring you the new issue (TF124) of true faith.

All you need to do get at the new issue is click on the image below and then you will have complete access to Newcastle United’s number one fanzine as well as the UK’s most widely read supporters’ publication bar none.

This latest issue of the fanzine is completely FREE and will download to any device you like. More and more of you are now reading true faith on mobile devices and we believe the fanzine reads brilliantly on an i-pad or tablet. Loads of you prefer it on your mobile phones as well.  Whichever way you read it, read it.

The new issue is more than 100 pages of fantastic writing but with the bells and whistles that sets us apart.

We know the internet is rammed with click-bait, chopped up and regurgitated crap designed to drive advertising revenue. tf124_ipadAt true faith we have no interest in behaving that way and we want to stay true to the original principles of the fanzine movement though also by taking advantage of technological advances (which fanzines have always done). Ultimately however, we want you to read and enjoy our in-depth articles rather than simply be distracted for 5 seconds.

We seem to be doing something you like because the numbers reading true faith in this new format puts anything we ever did in print massively in the shade.

As well as covering Newcastle United in some great detail, we have writers who experience football in all kinds of weird and wonderful places and embrace the game’s culture around the world. We have all of that and more in this issue. Our bread and butter remains Newcastle United however and at every first team game United plays, home and away, true faith writers are on hand to report on proceedings from the stands as paying punters.

Of course this fanzine needs writers and over the years we have attracted many talented lads and lasses who have stayed
with us for years but there are plenty who have written their one pieces and that’s fine.

If you want to write for true faith, just drop us a line on editor@https://true-faith.co.uk

In the meantime we really hope you enjoy this issue.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …