We’ve attracted some fantastic writers to the true faith ranks over the years and I’m delighted to say Richard Foster is one of them.

To say Richard has something of a style all to himself probably under-estimates the material one of our most valued writers has for himself. It’s different. Some people might describe Richard’s style as off-beat, surreal, bizarre but whatever it might be I always finish reading his stuff with a smile on my face.

I’m delighted to say Richard produced a superb piece for TF124 and here it is – Pie Chart and Badges and you can get at it by just clicking here.

In this piece Richard discusses football stats and the rumoured new Newcastle United badge that might be in the offing (I very much doubt it will be).

I’d highly recommend it.

Of course, you can get access to the whole  fanzine (TF124) by just clicking on the image below. true faith is now available exclusively in digital format and its now completely FREE. It works on all devices. We all hope you enjoy it.