Just in case you have missed it over the hectic Christmas period, you should know that Issue 123 of true faith is out now and all you have to do to get at it is to click on the image of the front page. Once you’ve done that you will be taken to 120 pages of some of the best fanzine writing anywhere in the UK.


And its all FREE. (read on)



There is now no carry-on having to visit newsagents who have sold out or match-day sellers who never have any change ortf123_ipad pay a small fortune to the Post Office in order to get a subscription mailed to you. In our new modern era, true faith never falls out of your arse pocket when you are three sheets after the match on the Metro or bus home, it doesn’t get covered in beer and your mate doesn’t borrow it and forgets to hand it back.


And its all FREE.


true faith has been in publication since 1999 but as we leave 2015 and go into 2016 we have never ever had a bigger readership. Its no idle boast that we claim to be the most widely read fanzine in the UK and most likely the most popular magazine of any type published in the North East region.


And its all FREE.


The fanzine is written and designed by proper Newcastle United supporters. It is written and designed by people like you david_kelly_tf122_ipadwho love the club and care about it deeply. You don’t have to be a published writer to contribute to true faith, but we don’t mind if you are. You don’t have to have a fancy qualifications to write for true faith but its okay if you do. Our writers include home and away zealots, season ticket holders, people who go when they can and people who refuse to step foot inside St James’ Park whilst Ashley still has a stranglehold on our Geordie institution. We have writers who live a short walk from St James’ Park and we have writers based in other parts of the UK, Europe and on the other side of the world. We have contributors who are as Geordie as a Shields Road mutt and we have writers from other parts of the UK and all over the world who have formed a great attachment to our club and the community around it. They can’t be glory hunters and we welcome them all. You can write for true faith if you choose – just drop us a line on editor@https://true-faith.co.uk All you need is a love of Newcastle United and a desire to entertain and inform. The only people we don’t want to have anything to do with our fanzine are bigots, racists and dickheads.


So, here’s a sample of what’s in the current issue:




Our Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison has a review of the season so far – click hereannus_horribilis_tf122_ipad




Mark Brophy sets out what he thinks the club has to do in the January transfer window – click here




We have a fantastic in-depth piece on the Gallowgate cult-hero David Kelly from Marc Corbyclick here




There’s a very insightful piece from Alex Hurst on the work of our de-facto Director of Football, Graeme Carr – just click here


From around the world Craig Simpson has given us a great piece on Czech football – click here Tony Higgins was in stone_island_tf122_ipadIreland watching Drogheda taking on St Patrick’s in the Irish League – click here and in Spain watching Spain host England in an international friendly – click here and of course how can we forget our man from Heaton, John Milton in Rio and apart from annoying us about his trips to the beach in December writes some brilliant pieces on Brazilian life and football through the eyes of a Geordie. Great piece in this issue about his affection for Botafago – click here




I was delighted to publish Ross Jenkins‘ piece in true faith as he looks at the terrace label Stone Island, just click here.




Another true faith debutant Nick Clark has contributed an excellent piece on the continuing campaign for safe standing – magpie_passion_tf122_ipadclick here.




But there is loads and loads more and all you have to do is click on the image below and its all yours.




Have we mentioned its FREE?