There is just far too much in the new issue of true faith for us to launch the whole lot of it at you in onetf114_cover_ipad go so we’re going to drip feed it to you in bits and bobs.

Our usual offer is 100-pages of tip top fanzine designed and finished to the highest standards with a load of new bells and whistles to entertain the more discerning reader. But this issue is a walk in  the park at 108 pages. We give you more because we love you.

So eyes down, in no particular order, here we go with the first doings.


We have in-depth features on new signings Facundo Ferreyra and the two new lads from Forest who we have loaned out to er, Forest.


Regular writer and our resident finance analyst, Andrew Trobe has cast his eye over the money coming in and going out at United this summer, as well as Ashley’s increasing involvement in Rangers and come to some very, very interesting conclusions. Not to be missed.


Pat Hughes got up an unearthly hour on the 14th of August and with a band of Mags and Mackems made her way to the Football Supporters Federation March for Affordable on the FSF/NUST subsidised charabanc to that London. Pat tells us all about the day in this new issue.


ToANGING THE Rp true faith bean counter, Chris Betts was asked to explain “amortisation” in terms of its meaning in football and the value of players. Chris has produced a very clever piece of work. It’s not easy to understand, you will have to read it a few times and it will make your head hurt but it will be worth it in the end. You won’t read this kindof football coverage in any other football fanzine. We da bomb!


Our Spanish fly, Tony Higgins flew into Heathrow under the radar this summer. We cannot confirm nor deny if it was to carry out a gangland hit. But while he was in the smoke, Jarra’s finest skanked his way to an exhibition on Rude Boys at Somerset House. I’m sorry I missed it but Tone will tell you all about it in this issue.


Our resident political animal, Peter Sagar has been looking at some of the pushing and shoving going on behind the scenes in terms of Ed Milliband’s emerging electoral strategy and the growing desire to rein in the worst excesses of wild west capitalism and some of it involves football. For those heading tom the NUST meeting on the 20th of September, this is required pre-meet reading.


We like to interrupt Tony Higgins’ siestas in Spain and to be fair our man dodging Spanish bombs in Andalucia (clock that Clash fans?) loves nowt more than sticking his nose into the nooks and crannies of Spanish football. This is another tour-de-force from the boy Higgins.


We are delighted to give a true faith debut to Richard Smith, who given we have made something of signing graduates of the Ajax Academy, thought he’d have a look at how it all works and report back what is the secret of their success and how the doings on Whitley Road measures up. Cracking read all of this by the way.

More information to come tomorrow



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