The new issue of true faith is out now and we thought we’d let on about some of the stuff tf113_cover_ipadthat’s in the beauty. As regular readers might know, we love a stroll down memory lane be that blowing off the cobwebs on our history books or revisiting our more recent history and trying to understand how we got where we are today.

One of my favourite parts of true faith in recent times is the 60 Second Season as put together by our very own Chris Laws. Chris has gone back to the earliest days of Newcastle United and tried to understand what was going on at the club on a season by season basis, tracking who was playing and who was calling the shots at St James’ Park.

Chris has reached what is unquestionably Newcastle United’s golden age, the famous, trophy laden Edwardian era. This is a fascinating read and well, I love it. A must for those who want to understand more about our beloved football club.

Everyone at true faith was delighted when Marc Corby, a brilliant curator of Newcastle United tf113_first_days_ipadphotographs and other footage found his way home to true faith.

Marc is now producing a fantastic multi-media experience for readers and in this issue, Marc has jumped back in time to look at some opening day dramas we had in the 1980s. Great writing, great photography and fantastic footage. A veritable feast for those of you who love a look over your shoulder to times gone by.

Wallace Wilson is one of our longest standing scribblers and West Moor’s finest never fails to deliver with some of the best football writing you’ll read. Wallace has taken a look back to a mere ten years ago – Champions League campaigns that all went wrong and the final days of Sir Bobby’s managerial career.

This is where it started to unravel for United and you can read here and find out just exactly how.

We will be publishing ten issues next season.

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