Its been a long and eventful summer following Newcastle United and everything else. In tf113_cover_ipadthe true faith bunker we have been hard at it working on the first issue of 2014/15 and preparing for the first season when we have been a fully DIGITAL fanzine after fifteen years of producing the hard copy version you came to know and love.

This issue we will have ready for subscribers today via our partners EXACT EDITIONS is further evidence we have made the right decision to convert to DIGITAL.

This is the first of 10 issues we will have out this season and each one will be a minimum of 100 pages each. Each will be rammed with completely original fanzine writing. The vast majority of the fanzine will be focused upon the life and times of Newcastle United but we do take time out to give a platform for Mags around the world getting  a different type of football fix and we are also delighted to welcome new coverage of the North East’s Non-League scene onto our pages as well.

Its been a busy and hectic summer of a World Cup, a slew of new signings, tours of New tf113_first_days_ipadZealand and Germany and its one that has been touched by tragedy. We have lots of angles on the new season and we have lots of experiences of Mags immersing themselves in different football cultures across the world.

But we don’t miss a beat at what is going on at Newcastle United Football Club.

Over the next week we will be publicising what is in this new issue but if you just want to jump in and find out for yourself, just click here.

This season we will be publishing 10 issues of true faith. Each issue will be 100 pages.

You can get all of these issues by taking out an annual subscription of £17.99 tf113_janmaat_ipad

You can go for the option of a quarterly subscription at £5.99 for every four months.

Each subscription will allow you full and immediate access to our growing archive of back issues, including the SUMMER SPECIAL of 169-pages.

The price of true faith is exactly the same no matter where you are in the world and is exactly the same content.

Because we are DIGITAL there are absolutely no postal delays and the new issue will be delivered to your in-box no matter if you are on the Sarangeti or in down town South Benwell.

Readers are accessing true faith on PCs, lap-tops, smart-phones, i-phones, i-pads and all manner of different tablets. All provide a brilliant reading experience for one of the UK’s most widely read, biggest selling and most respected fanzines.

Following your subscription, access is immediate.

All you need to do is click here and get signed up.

Any problems at all, just drop us a line on editor@

This issue is dedicated to the memory of our fellow supporters Liam Sweeney and John Alder.