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true faith, since 1999 has been one of the best selling, most widely read and respected club fanzines in the country.

In this issue – amongst lots of other stuff – we bring you loads of material from all over the world. Here’s a taste:


You might have noticed, there was an absolutely brilliant World Cup in Brazil in the summer. Some of you will know one of true faith’s favourite sons, yon John Milton, formerly of the People’s Republic of Heaton has decanted to Rio and regularly strides out of his favella to sample that country’s amazing football culture.

John has been in his element over the World Cup and in this issue writes about what it is all like in a way only an eye-witness can.

We have more to come from the World Cup in the next issue but John’s extended pieces in this issue, really are not to be missed.


Regular true faith scribbler, Jack McLane is something of a fan of the Three Lions, so when Woy and the Boys headed for Miami, Jack was with them and this account of the trip is a brilliant account of Mags abroad, following the national team. Jack takes no responsibility for the subsequent ineptitude that followed England down to Brazil.


Ever been to an away game? Of course you have. Ever been to an away game when its all got a bit on top? You probably have. Ever been to an away game in Senegal when the mood has taken a real bad turn for the worse and you are so far out of your comfort zone to defy description? You haven’t have you? Well, Chris Brolly, newly returned to our fair and noble city from Senegal spent a butt-clenching trip on the road with some nice blokes who turned a bit on the mental side going to a local derby. He managed to survive and he’s told the tale in this issue. This is a really brilliant piece.


We played two games in New Zealand as part of our preparations for the new season and Nick Chester, formerly of this parish but now living in Kiwi-land was on hand to give us the low down on the trip. This will forever be remembered as the tour John Alder and Liam Sweeney were travelling out to when they were murdered flying over the Ukraine – in a conflict they knew little about and were involved in less. Nick gives us the angle on the tor and his experience watching his team in his adopted home.


Tony “Che” Higgins has lived out in Spain for a few years now and has without question fallen head-long in love with the country. Wor Tone is fascinated by the country’s history, its politics and in particular its football. Not for Jarra lad Higgins trips to Real or Barca  with a bus-load of divs to give it ra-ra-ra like some Devon Reds at Old Trafford! No, our man has dived right through all of that to seek out the obscure and more interesting stuff. He’s got another missive from Murcia in this issue – and as ever, its fascinating stuff.


Last weekend we were taking part in Schalke’s pre-season tournament at the brilliant Veltins Arena. Newly recruited scribbler, Frank Owen gives us the low down on the trip and once again, this is excellent writing from eye-witnesses.

Of course there is more, and we’ll tell you all about it in the next week or so but the easiest way to find out what is in this brand new issue, is to take a deep breath and sign up – just click here.


true faith (TF113) is dedicated to the memory of John Alder and Liam Sweeney, murdered in the attack upon Flight MH17.