Here we are getting into the groove, just like Madonna. Or something, with issue 106 

tf106_cov_largeof true faith and the second offering of the 2013/14 season. Many thanks to Carl Haynes of Toon Photography for allowing us to use his fantastic photo on the front cover.

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true faith is one of the best-selling, respected and best known club fanzines in the country. We like to have style with our substance. Everything you read in its pages is 100% original. We don’t nick ideas or plagiarise anything. People suss the copy-cats and they never last.

Anyway, what’s in the new issue? Read on ….

Editorial – more teeth grinding neuroses.

Thru Black & White Eyes – 6 pages covering the end of the transfer window and the first period of the new season.

Away Fans Only – following United on the road, its importance, its difficulties and the fight-back to protect our rights to support Newcastle United.

Addicted – a Mag compares following Newcastle United to a drug habit. I’m waiting for the high!

Against Modern Casuals – one of our writers has some hard words for the cool cats in the pricey Italian knit-wear and flash trainers. Hmm.

United in The Wars – Ever wondered what happened to Newcastle United during WW2? Wonder no more.

PSSSSTTTTT – We Own Our Club – Wonder what it must be like to follow a supporters-owned football club? A Pompey fan and friend of true faith, gives us the full low-down, warts and all.

Love don’t live here any more – Ian Carroll is gradually falling out of love with Newcastle United and here he explains why.

Sinned against or sinning – Alex Hurst offers one dimension of the Alan Pardew debate.

Rumours, Half Truths & Lies – some Toon-related tittle-tattle that you can’t rely on.

Boycott? Want Ashley out? Would a boycott work? Guy Hannay-Wilson wonders out loud if it would or wouldn’t.

The Right Stuff – What do you think of Matt Debuchy? Chris Laws gives his opinion on the French full-back.

Broken Window – our Deputy Editor, young Mr Harrison, assesses the wreckage of the transfer window and manages to make some new points.

Hung Out To Dry – there is some sympathy for Pardew. Yatlor Payne, one half of our dynamic Podcast duo proves he can make a point wityh the written word as well as the spoken variety.

Promises & Lies – David X Smith has a little less sympathy for the powers that be at Newcastle United.

Feel Every Beat – all of our matches from Man City to Hull City get the low down from Wor Gareth.

Windows of Opportunity – the proper football press won’t / can’t / aren’t arsed enough to do a proper analysis of the Newcastle United business, so we will have to. Here, one of our professional bean counters, Andrew Trobe analyses every transfer window we have had under Mike Ashley’s ownership and comes up with the facts about his investment on players. Andrew also conducts an excellent comparison of our net-spending against every other current Premier League club. If you want to have an opinion on Ashley’s ambition and intentions for our club, you need to know the facts, so start getting them here. We’ll have more of this stuff in forthcoming issues.

The Cabaye Case – kind of does what it says on the tin. Our longest standing tf scribbler, none other than Gavin Bradshaw brings the prosecution and the defence for our striking midfielder, Yohan Cabaye.

Geordie Solidarity – hear what the Gateshead FC Supporters Club think about offers for Mags to get into Gateshead games at reduced cost.

60 Second Season – this time its 1898/99 in this fascinating series courtesy of Chris laws.

Conspiracy Theory – It would be dreadful for Mike Ashley’s pocket if United was relegated wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it? New tf scribbler Neil Huitson gives an interesting view on how it might not be.

Sub Culture – more misanthropic musings from Seam Whelan, who is quite cheerful in reality than this stuff would suggest.

Postcards From The Edge – the thoughts of Paully … we challenge you to read this and not be confused.

Drums & Wires – Anth went to see EELS, Chris went to the Tyneside Cinema, Emile played some DJ sets for some very rich gadgies, copped off and Michael read a  book.

Newcastle United’s Inferno – The Search For Meaning – true faith’s very first gothic-horror article courtesy of another tf debutant, Daniel Marshall.

The End – The inestimable Gavin Bradshaw rounds off TF106 with his unmissable column.

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